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The Women’s Platinum supplement helps to convert estrogen to useful metabolites it also promote a more desirable estrogen metabolism which helps women optimize their estrogen metabolism.

The “good” estrogen metabolites along with increased free testosterone promoted by the Platinum Supplement increases fat mobilization and a fat-burning metabolism. The effects of free testosterone in women and men are similar.  Testosterone is not bad for women in fact women must have it!  When a woman’s body is in an optimal healthy state testosterone levels will promote the building of new muscle.

When hormonal balance shifts and women build muscle, metabolite rate is increased and fat metabolism is promoted. Part of the protein-building effect of testosterone is to gear up the cellular enzymes needed to burn fat. Fat contains the stored energy needed to support formation of new proteins as well as the fuel for exercise. Together with exercise Platinum provides the best hormonal balance to create the protein machinery for active fat utilization.